Cierra's headshot photo in front of plants.

Graduate Student Researcher


PhD Candidate in Sociology with a Doctoral Emphasis in Feminist Studies

In all of my work, I endeavor to center the voices and experiences of folks who are marginalized. As a graduate student, I am keenly aware of how our understandings of academia, and our experiences, are not always well-represented. As a CARE GSR, I know that I can help our broader campus community learn more about and better support graduate student survivors and allies.

What Cierra likes to do outside his work with CARE: "My partner and I have a rambunctious German Shepherd, Lilith, who we love taking to the beach and playing with her doggy soccer balls. I am also a game nerd: right now I'm obsessed with Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, and my partner and I are trying to start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign going with my little siblings and my mom. I also like yoga and am really into collecting nail polish and doing my nails a couple times a week!"