CARE recognizes that healing is not limited to one modality and values all forms of healing. Our healing programs create transformative and nurturing spaces in which survivors who have experienced trauma can find safety, connection and support.

We offer a variety of holistic programs designed to provide restorative experiences that facilitate opportunities for self-reconnection, while addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects of traumatic experiences.

Person wear a red shirt and yellow pants while holding a paint palette in their left hand and hold a paint brush in their right hand. Cacti are in the background

Let's Start with Art: Exploring Healing through Creativity

Let's Start with Art: Exploring Healing through Creativity is a four-week virtual healing workshop that is being held during this year's Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This workshop series will provide survivors of interpersonal violence a space where they can explore healing through creative outlets such as art, crafts, and writing.

Student taking notes


SurvivorsConnect is an anonymous online forum for UCSB students that identify as survivors of interpersonal violence. This forum is designed to provide psycho-education about trauma experiences, reactions, and common symptoms - as well as give you a place to interact with other survivors anonymously. The site is supervised and monitored by trauma-informed specialists - and is designed to be a safe place to feel support and community.

Purple t-shirt with text that says "We Love YOU for who YOU are!" underneath a painted on rainbow

The Clothesline Project

The Clothesline Project is an online participatory exhibit and a visual display designed to break the silence surrounding violence against community members and to illustrate the impact of violence. The virtual exhibit consists of t-shirts designed by survivors of violence and by their loved ones who have been impacted by the violence perpetrated against their loved ones.

This is an image of CARE's virtual healing room. A teal couch is at the center and is surrounded by a fish tank, plants, and book shelf, a guitar, a yoga mat, a radio, and is in front of a window.

Virtual Healing Room

This space features guided meditations, healing playlists, journaling, art, and activities, and many more for you to explore. You can click on almost every object in the room and you will be directed to an activity, resource, or tool that can support you in your healing.