What you tell your CARE Advocate cannot be shared with anyone without your explicit written permission. Communication with your advocate is legally protected and kept private.

Discussions with a CARE advocate are always confidential and are privileged in cases of sexual assault and domestic violence. Under California law, “privileged” means that a relationship exists between the advocate and the client that protects communications from being shared with anyone outside of CARE. This privileged protection includes the ability for CARE to challenge a subpoena to share your information or file. The client is the only person who can waive this “privilege.” Information shared with an advocate may be discussed among the CARE advocacy team and, at times, in consultation with the Interpersonal Violence Specialist at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), to ensure continuity of services and most effective response.

The information you share will not be disclosed to anyone outside of this consultation team without your explicit permission, with these exceptions:

  • Per CANRA - (Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act): Child (17 years or younger), elder, or dependent adult abuse is suspected or disclosed
  • There is reason to believe there may be an imminent risk of harm to you or others

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Confidential Resources

Campus Advocacy Resources & Education (CARE)

Located in the Student Resource Building, CARE provides confidential 24-hour advocacy services for survivors, including support, information about reporting options, and accompaniment to evidence examinations or meetings with law enforcement. CARE also provides support services for friends, family members, or significant others of impacted parties.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Located in Building 599, CAPS provides UCSB students with confidential individual counseling, as well as support groups, information, and 24-hour crisis phone counseling at no charge. CAPS also provides professional consultation to faculty, staff, and families. 

Title IX Advocacy Liaison in the Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD)

Sky Limon, RCSGD Associate Director | they.them.theirs, will be serving as the Title IX Advocacy Liaison. In this role, Sky is able to provide support to members of the campus community who have experienced sexual violence and/or sexual harassment (SVSH). Sky will no longer be a Responsible Employee under the UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy, which means that students and others can freely disclose their experiences to Sky, learn about their options, and be connected to various resources across campus. To schedule an appointment with Sky, email them directly at advocacyliaison@sa.ucsb.edu.

Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)

Located on the 3rd floor of the Student Affairs & Administrative Services Building (SAASB), ASAP supports the health and well-being of academic personnel, faculty, staff, and eligible family members in a confidential, cost-free setting. ASAP assists with identifying, managing, and resolving work-related and personal concerns that may affect job performance and relationships. ASAP offers confidential short-term counseling, consultation, wellness workshops, and assistance with threat management. 

Office of the Ombuds

Located in Girvetz Hall, the Office of the Ombuds acts as a confidential resource for the UCSB community to discuss concerns with a trained mediator. It is a safe place to discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, and many other problems. They serve faculty, staff, students, parents, or anyone else with a campus-related concern.

Standing Together to End Sexual Assault (STESA)

Located in downtown Santa Barbara, STESA provides advocacy and support for survivors of sexual violence, including referral and support for medical and legal options.

Isla Vista Survivor Resource Center

The Isla Vista Survivor Resource Center serves as a safe space where survivors can access medical, emergency, and legal services provided by STESA, in Isla Vista. Calls are routed through the Santa Barbara STESA location; callers should specify that they are requesting treatment in the Isla Vista location.

Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County

Located in Santa Barbara, this resource provides emergency shelter, support groups, 24-hour crisis line, and transitional housing

Non-Confidential Resources

Nonconfidential Resources on campus include: professors, academic advisors, teaching assistants, resident assistants, university employees, managers, student employees, medical staff, etc.

Non-confidential resources are designated as "Responsible Employees" and must report disclosures of interpersonal violence and sexual harassment to the Title IX Office

Reporting Offices

The Title IX Office is located in Phelps Hall, the Title IX Office coordinates responses to reports of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and other prohibited behavior affecting the campus community, and reviews matters to determine if an official University investigation is required. The Title IX Office investigates Title IX complaints, oversees campus Title IX resolution efforts, and offers referrals to relevant campus resources.

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The UCSB Police Department is located in the Public Safety Building, UCPD provides reporting, investigation, and forwarding of reports to the District Attorney for legal action for crimes committed on campus property. Also provides information about restraining orders and referrals for forensic exams. 

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The Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) is located in Isla Vista, IVFP investigates and forwards reports to the District Attorney for legal action. IVFP provides information about restraining orders and referrals for forensic exams, for crimes committed in Isla Vista. This substation utilizes bike patrol and officers from the CHP and UCSB Police to provide safety and enforcement for the community of Isla Vista.

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